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JIVE: Building Excellence in Gaming and Hospitality Design with a Commitment to Client Trust.

JIVE Architecture


To Excellence.

Welcome to JIVE! We are a premier casino architecture firm at the forefront of gaming and hospitality design. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, we aim to set industry standards as one of the best casino architects in Las Vegas.

At JIVE, we pride ourselves on forming long-lasting professional relationships that are both approachable and effective, ensuring every project aligns perfectly with our clients' visions.

Hospitality & Gaming

Architectural Design

for Gaming and Hospitality.

JIVE strives to succeed as the next leading Hospitality & Gaming (H&G) Architecture & Design firm by building long - lasting, professional relationships, and through a commitment to excellence. 

JIVE is an owner - operated practice. We firmly believe in fostering the growth and development of all current and future associates and give them an opportunity to realize their full potential. 

JIVE  takes pride in earning the trust of our clients by understanding and executing the project goals of the owner, while facilitating an enjoyable and professional experience for everyone involved!

Concept Design

Concept design is where your visionary ideas are transformed into tangible plans. This stage is crucial for crafting unique, immersive environments that not only meet the functional needs of the space but also enhance the user experience, setting the tone for the entire development.

Design Development

At JIVE, a leading casino architecture firm, our design development process meticulously refines and evolves initial concepts into detailed, functional plans, ensuring every aspect of the project is optimized for aesthetic appeal and practical utility.

Construction Documents

Construction Documents provide a clear roadmap for contractors, facilitating accurate and streamlined construction. Trust JIVE Architecture to deliver precise construction documents that minimize costly errors, making your project a success.



And Shell.

JIVE Architecture offers comprehensive solutions for Architectural Consulting. With a focus on the gaming and hospitality industry, JIVE excels in every stage of the design process, from initial concept development to meticulous design development and project administration.

Our team of casino and hospitality architects combines creativity with functionality, ensuring that each project reflects the client's vision.



Build Out.

JIVE Architecture stands as a premier casino architecture firm, specializing in crafting exceptional interior build outs that elevate the gaming and hospitality experience. Our team of casino architects combines innovation with functionality, creating immersive environments that captivate guests and maximize revenue potential.

From the layout of casino floors to the design of gaming areas, JIVE Architecture leverages its expertise to ensure every detail enhances the overall guest experience.




JIVE Architecture, excels in crafting captivating and functional F&B space designs for the gaming and hospitality industry. JIVE seamlessly integrates innovative concepts into every stage of development, from initial concept design to meticulous design development and administration.

Leveraging their expertise, JIVE Architecture designs restaurants, bars and retail spaces that not only delight guests but also optimize operational efficiency. Whether it's conceptualizing unique dining experiences or creating inviting lounges, JIVE Architecture sets the bar for excellence in F&B space design.



Explore JIVE Architecture's diverse portfolio, featuring iconic casino resorts and immersive entertainment complexes, each designed to redefine the gaming and hospitality experience.

Gun Lake Renovation

Interior Casino

Interior Casino


Durango Station

Core & Shell

Architectural Consultant


Jack Cleveland

Interior Design

Casino Floor


Jack Thistledown

Interior Casino

Interior Casino


Kansas Crossing Bar


Sportsbar Design


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