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Interior Design

Jack Cleveland Sportsbook

JIVE Architecture has developed the design for the JACK Cleveland Sportsbook, transforming an existing area of the casino into a cutting-edge sports betting venue. The design harnesses the energetic atmosphere of sports gaming, integrating it seamlessly with the historic charm of the Cleveland casino.

The project prioritized creating a visually captivating and highly functional space where patrons can engage with live sports and interactive betting experiences.

The design features include expansive digital displays providing real-time sports data and betting odds, surrounded by comfortable, tiered seating to ensure an unobstructed view from all angles. High-quality materials and a sophisticated color scheme reflect the upscale nature of the venue, while the strategic use of lighting and acoustics enhances the overall user experience, making it conducive for both focused betting and social interaction. With its blend of modern technology and classic design elements, JIVE Architecture has established the JACK Cleveland Sportsbook as a premier destination for sports enthusiasts in the heart of downtown Cleveland.

Cleveland, Ohio

Casino Interior Design

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