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Jack Cleveland Smoking Patio

Thistledown’s history dates to 1925 as a race track, and horse racing still takes place there four days a week from April through October.


JIVE Architecture had the privilege to work with the JACK Thistledown Racino just outside Cleveland of to design its first major improvement since 2017, opening a glitzy, 12,000-square-foot outdoor patio that has the comforts of indoor gambling. The two-story patio, though technically outside with openings on three walls to permit smoking, is completely covered and equipped with a heating system to provide indoor-like warmth on even Cleveland’s coldest days.

About 250 of the racino’s 1,700 slot machines, officially known under state regulations as video lottery terminals, are spaced throughout the patio. There is room to move about 100 more machines into the patio as an option after coronavirus-related spacing restrictions are lifted.

$750 Million

Cleveland, Ohio

Interiors Smoking Patio 

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